Remote Notarizations

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 What is E-Notary?

How Does Work?

E-Notarizations, also known as remote notarization, are notarial acts completed on electronic records, so the signer doesn’t have to appear physically before the notary.  The notary can perform notarizations in real-time at a remote location with the signer using two-way, visual and auditory communication.

E-Notary is very easy, and what most businesses have started implementing since the pandemic. It is much more time efficient and cost effective. Once you confirm your appointment. You can email the documents you need notarized and join me in a video session from any preferred device for you to sign and for I-360 Notary to notarize. 

We can perform General Notarization and Loan signings. Just contact us to schedule a time to meet, and we can set up a video session. After Hour notarizations are negotiable.

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